On Tuesday, 05.05.2020, at 17:15 the plenary assembly of the mathematics students will take place. Due to the current situation it will be decentralized. This meeting is especially intended to inform about the current situation.

The most important information at a glance:

* Date: 05.05.2020 17:15
* Server:
* Mail for voting login:

Preliminary Agenda

TOP 1: Mitteilungen
TOP 2: Festlegung der Tagesordnung
TOP 3: Rechenschaftsbericht des Fachschaftsrates
TOP 4: Berichte aus AStA und StuPa
TOP 5: Bericht aus dem Fachbereich
TOP 6: Geschäftsordnung des Fachschaftsrates
TOP 7: Verschiedenes

The agenda can also be viewed on OpenSlides. If any items are added, we will note them there.

Why should I come?

Reason one: We will report from the student council what we have done so far in the corona period and what we are still planning for the rest of the summer semester. We will inform you about offers of support during your studies, and we have invited a representative of the faculty (Dean Prof. Sven Krumke) to explain what the current status is on the part of the university and to answer questions about the further course of studies. Because of the many scattered and partly unclear information that is currently circulating, you should use this opportunity to get definite answers!

Reason two: At this Assembly, although exceptionally there are no elections, we can still make decisions there on behalf of all mathematics students. Democracy works better when as many people as possible participate. At this particular assembly, we make sure that the normally lengthy points are kept very short or omitted. This time we will focus entirely on the Corona situation regarding your studies.

How do I participate?

The meeting will take place on a dedicated jitsi server.
To partake in voting you will also have to use the online tool "OpenSlides". Pleas do not use Jitsi with the browser Firefox. Every other browser is fine. Firefox only sometimes works but using it may result in other participants getting disconnected from the meeting. Chrome or other browsers based on Chromium seem to work the best.

Meeting Etiquette

At an event with so many participants, there are a few rules to follow to avoid chaos:

* Do not enable your webcam.
* Keep your microphone muted. If you want to speak, do not simply start talking, instead flag your hand as raised and wait until you are called.
* Set your full name as soon as you connect. Otherwise we won't know, who wants to talk.
* Do not use the chat for speaking out of turn or having talks. Short injections such as "I agree" are fine.

Anyone who violates one of these rules or otherwise disrupts the course of the session will be kicked off the server.


Voting will take place on the plattform OpenSlides. There you will be able to see the agenda as well as proposed motions. To participate in voting you need an account and for this we will have to make sure, that you are actually enrolled with us. This works the following way:

All students of the Department of Mathematics who have the right to vote in the Department of Mathematics (to be recognized by the numbers "01" at the bottom right on the front of your student card) are entitled to vote.

If you are a member of the student council you already posses an login name and password. Use these.

If you are not a member of the student council take a picture of the front of your dtudent identity card such that we are able to recognize your name and the "01" in the bottom right corner. Send this photo an your e-mail adress of the maths department ( in an e-mail to .
We will then send a username and password to your math e-mail address

You can get your password in advance so that we don't have so much to do during the assembly.

Please note that the OpenSlides server resides on a private computer and therefore will not run continuously in advance. On the day of the assembly it will of course be available. You can request your password even if the server is not available at the moment.

Short Introduction


As soon as you log in, this will be displayed. Keep your hand up until you have been called. If what you want to say is no longer relevant, you can of course withdraw your hand.


As soon as you enter Openslides, you can log in at the top right. Note that the interface is based on the language of your system, so the page may appear in a different language than the one used in the images. The position of the different things remains the same. At the top left you can select different menus, you can choose between the start page, the agenda, the motions and files, which can be related to motions for example. As soon as a voting starts, and you are logged in as a voting participant, a direct link to the voting appears at the bottom of the screen.

You can also use the motion menu to vote by selecting the motion to be discussed.

If you select a motion in the motion menu, you will be shown the motion text. You can also view the results of votes that have already taken place or participate in votes that are currently being voted on.

During a vote, you choose your desired option, which you must then confirm. Until you confirm the vote, you can still change your choice, but after you have confirmed your choice, you will not be able to change it.

Privacy Policy

The Jitsi-Meeting takes place on a server of the RHRK. The RHRK data protection regulations apply there. The RHRK data protection regulations apply there.

The OpenSlides server runs on a German server and is subject to the data protection regulations of the Student Council of Mathematics. OpenSlides is Free Open Source Software. The source code is public. (

In this particular case, all data of non-student council members will be deleted from the server at the latest one day after the end of the assembly. No data will be transferred anywhere except between your PC and our server. Other participants can only see your anonymized login data and your voting decision.

For further questions please contact .