Events Service

Candies, Ice and Beverages

You can buy candies, cookies, ice and cooled beverages in the Fachschaft's office. Everything is sold at purchase price, so it's quite cheap.


The Fachschaft gladly gives advice to students and future students concerning the particularities of studying math and the offers of our department. If you have any questions, just come and visit us or write us an email.

Lecture Evalutation

At the end of each term the Fachschaft organises a lecture evaluation. This means that the students get the possibility to criticize or give a compliment to their lecturer anonymously. The results of the evaluation are published in front of our office.

LIMES (Students Magazine)

The LIMES is the official journal of the Fachschaft Mathematik. It is published at the end of each term and contains a lot of information and (mostly) absurdities on math, studying, university, life, the universe, simply everything. It can be obtained in front of the Fachschaft's office (48-507) and everyone interested in our creative ideas can take one home. If requested, the LIMES can be sent to you by e-mail.

Memory protocols and old exams

Memory protocols are short descriptive texts which are written by students after their oral exam. In return for a valid student ID card, these can be borrowed and copied. The protocols are quite useful for preparing an exam, since every examiner has his own style of examining. In addition to the protocols we also offer old exam sheets - but only for real math lectures. Exam sheets for the lecture 'Höhere Mathematik' can be obtained at the Fachschaft Maschinenbau, for example.

Thermal binding

You can have your lecture notes bound in the Fachschaft's office. A colored binding costs 1,50 €, a white one only 1 €. We can bind between 10 and 150 sheets.


The fantastic Fachschaft T-Shirts and Polo shirts are for sale in our office. They're only € 10/15. Larger view: front/back.