• Due to COVID-19, our office is closed until further notice. We do, however, offer many events in digital form (see calendar), and we are always available via Discord or OLAT (as described on this page). You can also always contact us by email (fsmathe@mathematik.uni-kl.de) or call 0631 205 2782.

Opening hours:

The Fachschaftsrat does not have opening hours, but between about 10:00 and 15:00 you will probably find someone (except at lunchtime).

Leo the Owl

Welcome to the pages of the Fachschaftsrat Mathematik

The Fachschaft is comprised of everyone who studies Mathematics in Kaiserslautern. These students are represented by us, the Fachschaftsrat, which is elected annually during the summer term. At the moment, it consists of 21 members.

Here is a short list of what we do:

  • advise regarding your course of studies (i.e. what classes to take)
  • represent you in committees, such as Fachbereichsrat, Senat, … at the department and the university.
  • sell sweets and (soft) drinks
  • notes from past oral examinations, past written examinations
  • organizing events: introductory weeks, excursions around the area (“Fachschaft on Tour”), soccer, parties, …

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You can also come to our office in 48-507 or write us an email to .

Greets, your Fachschaftsrat


Thu, 2020-05-28 Ringvorlesung 15:30 OLAT Tamara Linke
In der Ringvorlesung stellen über das ganze Semester verteilt acht Professorinnen und Professoren ihre Arbeitsgebiete vor. Die Veranstaltung richtet sich an Studierende im dritten und vierten Semester, die bald ein Vertiefungsgebiet wählen. Dieses Semester werden von den ProfessorInnen Materialien zur Verfügung gestellt, zu denen dann Fragen gestellt werden können. Natürlich werden auch Fragen zu den Vertiefungsgebieten beantwortet. Dieses Mal werden JProf. Dr. Amru Hussein (Funktionalanalysis und Stochastische Analysisi) und Prof. Dr. Claudia Redenbach (Statistik) Fragen beantworten. Weitere Informationen und die Materialen sind auf dem OLAT-Kurs zu den Ringvorlesungen zu finden.
Thu, 2020-05-28 Public Council Meeting 17:15 Jitsi Adrian Rettich
Wed, 2020-06-03 Board Games Night 18:00 Discord Jeannine Berghänel
Wed, 2020-06-10 Board Games Night 18:00 Discord Jeannine Berghänel