A mailinglist is an easy way to distribute mails to a lot of people. If you send an email to the list, all people who are registered on the list will receive a copy of the mail at their own email address.

To subscribe to one of the following mailinglists you just have to follow the according link,
to write a mail just append an at-char and to the lists name.


For all students who are interested in the activities of the Fachschaftsrat. We will announce information events, parties, board games nights and all our other activities on this list.


Those of you who are interested in the work of the Fachschaftsrat and its working groups, will get more information on this list. The invitations for our meetings as well as their minutes for example are sended on this list.


This list is only interesting for students with teaching degree.


Students that want to give some private lessons in mathematics may subscribe to this list to get mails from those who want some extra coaching.


On this list, we share job and project offers for math students with you.