CoVid Information

Our Office is back, just slightly differently!

Come visit our temporary office in the third floor of building 48, right besides the maths-library (room 48-306). You can come here to connect with other maths students and to ask any questions you may have concering your university experience. You can also borrow or turn in exam protocols in person.

Exam Protocols

The Fachschaftsrat provides protocols of oral exams and old written exams to help you prepare.

Write an Exam Protocol and Win!

You can win cinema tickets and coupons for a very nice café in Kaiserslautern.

Every protocol wins! If you do not win a grand prize, you still get at least a coupon for some candy, redeemable at our office once the university opens again.

Just take one of the empty forms from in front of our office home, or write your protocol directly on your PC: there is a fillable form or a print version.

Once you have written your protocol, save it as a PDF file (or scan it) and send it via our submissions page or simply by e-mail to .

Getting Protocols

You want to prepare for an exam? Just contact us via the contact form or write an e-mail to .

How can I Stay Up to Date?

We have presences on different platforms:

I Have a Problem or a Question!

That is what we are here for! Just use any of the following means to contact us.